Ratko Delorko

Hamburg-born pianist, composer, educator and conductor, Ratko Delorko, is one of the most versatile musicians today.

His concert activity has taken him into major concert halls and radio and television studios world-wide. His repertoire covers works from the baroque to contemporary music. Apart from the standard works of the solo and concert literature, Dr. Delorko is also occupied with less recognized composers or thus far unknown compositions, such as the works of Ladislaus Dussek and Robert Schumann, which Ratko has published on CD for the first time.

In his compositional work, Ratko Delorko concerns himself equally with music for piano, chamber music, orchestral works and electronic music.

His most innovative and original programme is ?The History of the Piano? where he plays compositions on 22 authentic instruments from different periods and narrates the development of the piano.

Another of his most successful programs, available on both CD and DVD, is his ?Jazz Meets Classic? in collaboration with well-known German jazz pianist, Christoph Spendel.

Ratko Delorko currently lectures at the Music University of Frankfurt. During the period 2008/2011 he performed and conducted master classes in Malaysia, Russia, Italy, Austria, the UK, the US and China.

He has performed recently on Queen Mary and Queen Victoria.