Luke Faulkner

Piano & Accordion Virtuoso

When there is a musical adventure to be had, Luke is the ultimate tour guide!

Utilising his virtuosity on both Piano and Accordion, Luke’s shows take the audience on a thrilling musical journey from South American tangos to Hungarian rhapsodies, from Scottish folk songs to Hollywood hits, from vaudeville showstoppers to pop/rock classics, and much else besides.

On the way, everything is done with charm and light-hearted humour. Audience members are brought on stage to conduct, classical pieces are reinvented in the style of various popular artists and entertainers and lucky guests are personally serenaded…

As a musician, Luke’s credentials are hard to match. After attending one of the top specialist music schools in Europe (Chetham’s School of Music) – where he made his concerto debut aged 16 – Luke read music at Oxford University, where, upon receiving the highest mark of all pianists in the solo performance module, he was offered a bursary to take lessons at the Royal Academy of Music. After graduating from Oxford with a double-first class, he completed a Master’s degree in Composition graduating top of the class. His accordion mentors have included Ed Moseley, and former UK Accordion champion John Gould.

Shows (two x 45 minutes)

“Bohemians & Rhapsodies”

A show featuring the world’s most famous rhapsodies (think Rhapsody in Blue, Bohemian Rhapsody, etc.) as well as a host of gypsy and generally Bohemian style music.

“Around the World in 88 keys”

Musically circumnavigating the globe, this show starts and finishes in Great Britain, visiting France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Japan, Argentina, USA, and Ireland on the way.*

*Itinerary adapted to feature ports of call